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Meeting TECFORD in The 17th China International Auto Parts Expo

Date: 2019-03-25
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Currently China has an auto population of as high as 220 million, and, according to estimate, this figure will have exceeded 250 million by 2020. Benefited from the rapid development of China’s auto industry and the ongoing shift of the global auto parts industry chain to China, the 17th China (Guangzhou) International Auto Parts Expo 2019 (CAPE) has evolved into an international top-grade brand expo after 16 years of diligent cultivation.  

April  9th -11st,   Pazhou International Sourcing Centre,  Booth:1093 (Hall 1)

德福得参展2019第十七届中国(广州)国际汽车零部件展(CAPE) 期待与大家见面


TECFORD expect to meet a large number of Auto Parts industry buyers and suppliers from China, USA or other countries and regions through this event.

TECFORD owns IATF16949 certified factory and has over 25 years of experience in the Photochemical Etching and Automotive Industry. In the coming April, TECFORD will expose our latest precision metal etching skill to the public.

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